About me

I have always loved the power that jewels can have over someone, including me. Jewels make you feel strong, safe, protected and underline every movement of yours.

After graduated in Interior Design and Exhibition Spaces, I graduated in Master of Jewels Design. Ever since I started studying, I have worked in the field and have created my first jewels’ collection until reaching a more mature and more personal project: Veronica Altieri.

Forever a lover of antique and tribal jewellery from various country, my idea of a jewel is an encounter from those two worlds.

TRIBINE is the merge between two worlds; tribal and fine. It is what I was always looking for in a jewel, the strength of a tribal jewel and the elegance of a fine jewellery.

A Lord getting married with an aboriginal, a native American getting in love with a ruby. Every piece is studied, created, destructed and done again. When I reach to the completion of a creative work, I’m already thinking of the next one.