Size Guide

To find the right size of your next ring you can download here the print the tool made available and look at the measurement guide.

Veronica Altieri's ring sizes are expressed in Italian sizes and can be checked using the table below.guida alle taglie degli anelli

Each size corresponds to a specific measurement for the internal diameter and internal circumference of the ring, with reference to the finger on which you want to wear the ring.

These measurements are expressed in millimeters, and the table also provides the European size for reference.

The size range is not the same for all types of rings

If you already have a ring that fits you comfortably, you can use it to measure its internal diameter with the help of a ruler with visible millimeter markings.

The best way to take a measurement is with the help of a ring sizer, which can also be purchased online, or by getting assistance from a jeweler.

  • We recommend measuring your finger at the end of the day.
  • Avoid taking measurements when it's very cold or hot.
  • Remember that the measurement of the fingers on one hand may not necessarily be the same as the fingers on the other hand